Hope Haven
at Mending Hearts

Mission: To strengthen and restore faith leaders in need of emotional healing as well as equip and prepare those called to serve through counseling, mentoring, coaching and education.

Vision: To help faith leaders ultimately build emotionally healthy communities to carry out the kingdom mission.

How Can We Help?

Faith leaders’ experiences of stress, loneliness, isolation, mental health challenges, emotional challenges, childhood trauma after-affects, and family-of-origin pain directly impact their leadership abilities and effectiveness to build emotionally whole communities in which they are appointed to serve.

Hope Haven at Mending Hearts is a place of safety that seeks to provide a refuge for hurting leaders searching for hope and healing of the soul. Our counselors are trained to offer confidential, culturally sensitive, and clinically sound services to the community of faith leaders. We aim to prepare, train and equip future leaders for the emotional work of serving people.

Hope Haven is for the…

Priest, Pastor, Clergy, Minister, Worship Leader, Musician and those who are the face of ministry.













Our Prevention services are for future leaders who want to be emotionally prepared for working with, leading, and serving people.

Testimonials at Mending Hearts Family Counseling
Dr. Danita Thompson at Hope Haven

Danita Thompson, PhD., LMFT, BCPCC founder

Hope Haven at Mending Hearts was born out of a compassionate desire to see faith leaders healed and restored after experiencing emotional pain, trauma or moral failure so that ultimately the leader and those they serve would experience hope and healing. Dr. Danita is the Executive Pastor of Mending Hearts Community Worship Ministries in Florence, NJ and has been serving as clergy for nearly 30 years. She was born into a long lineage of clergy and served close to leadership. Her experiences and observation of the pain and devastation brought on by emotional distress of any kind inspired the formation of Hope Haven. Dr. Danita is a wife of 37 years, a mother, mother-n-law, and grandmother. Family and relationships are near and dear to her heart. Dr. Danita has a doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, and the owner and founder of Mending Hearts Family Counseling. The “healing of the soul“ and the restoration of relationships is paramount to Dr. Danita’s work in the field of counseling. Ultimately, whether through prevention (training and equipping) or intervention (counseling and therapy) her goal is to ensure healthy and whole relationships in the faith kingdom.

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